Webkitten browser toolkit

Webkitten is a command-driven web browser toolkit inspired by luakit and Vim.

Webkitten allows you to:

  • Browse the web (nearly) pointing device-free
  • Run custom scripts for browser interaction on demand or triggered by events
  • Edit human-readable configuration files
  • Assign keybindings to your custom scripts
  • Alter web pages with custom CSS and JavaScript
  • Create custom browsing modes based on the sites you visit
  • Customize your own content blocking

In addition to the tooling, Webkitten includes two reference implementation of a the browser interface:

  • webkitten-cocoa: A Cocoa WebKit implementation of Webkitten with Lua scripting
  • webkitten-gtk: [WIP] A WebKit2 GTK+3 implementation of Webkitten with Lua scripting