Webkitten for GTK+

A GTK+3 implementation of the webkitten interface, integrated with the Lua scripting engine.


Webkitten depends on:

From source

Development dependencies:

  • make
  • pkg-config
  • (BSD) install, or be comfortable editing the Makefile environment
  • Rust 1.5+, with Cargo (http://doc.crates.io)

Once the dependencies are satisfied, run make gtk from the root of the repository to generate the webkitten-gtk binary.


Install webkitten-gtk from tap using

brew install kattrali/formulae/webkitten-gtk


The webkitten-cocoa binary can be used to open a URI (or several) directly and specify a custom configuration path.

Usage: webkitten-gtk [options] [FILE]

    -c, --config PATH   Use this configuration path
    -h, --help          Print this help text


At this point, you can run webkitten-gtk, but it is a blank slate without customized configuration or registered commands. Its a matter of personal preference how you want webkitten to work for you and what commands and keyboard shortcuts (among other things) should be available.

  1. View the configuration options reference and customize your configuration as needed
  2. Select commands from webkitten/contrib which may be useful to you and install them into your command search path.
  3. Write any other commands you need to make your browser perfect.